7 Reasons You Need To Use Star Anise Essential Oil

star anise oil uses
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 what is star anise oil used for

Resilient In The Wild

Anise, also often referred to as aniseed, is classified as an annual plant; in ideal growing conditions, it can grow up to two feet in height, even though it is from the same family as both fennel and parsley. You may have also heard it referred to by its other name, "sweet cumin." Anise features coriander-like leaves that are very feathery; the flowers can range from a pale brown to a yellowish-white; the fruit seeds may look unappetizing (they are ribbed and hairy), but they actually taste very similar to licorice.

Originally from the Orient, anise has proven resilient in the wild while also becoming popular enough to be heavily cultivated throughout the world, including in Egypt and the Mediterranean. In fact, today, you can find anise throughout the Middle East, Russia, and as far away as Spain and France. This plant can be planted and grown in northern climates, but they will very rarely set seeds in colder locations, meaning re-planting seasonally will be necessary.

 benefits of star anise oil

1Provides Relief From Cramps And Spasms

The problem with spasms is that they often cause even more issues, like nervous twitches, coughing, cramps, general aches, or, in extreme situations, even convulsions. Spasms occur when there are excessive and unneeded contractions that take place in the body and can occur in the muscles, respiratory tracts, blood vessels, nerves, or even blood vessels, resulting in severe side effects. While many of these symptoms can be relieved fairly quickly, generally speaking, diarrhea caused by frequent spasms can take longer and, in some cases (based on how severe they are and the cause), can sometimes take three or four days to fully clear out.

A person's health history does matter in this case. Changing your diet is another way to help cure diarrhea. Anise essential oil is antispasmodic by nature, relieving issues in the organs, relaxing you, and bringing in relief.

 benefits of star anise oil

2Helps Relieve Pain From Arthritis

Pain from arthritis can be challenging to manage, but anise oil often can provide some relief by stimulating circulation while also reducing painful sensations in the afflicted region. Arthritis might be common, but it isn't well understood at all. In fact, arthritis isn't even a single disease; it is actually a blanket term for a variety of joint pains or afflictions!

In fact, currently, there are over 100 different recognized forms of arthritis. While often associated with the elderly, the truth is that it can afflict people of all ages, sexes, and races. This is the single largest cause of disability in the U.S., and over 50 million people are thought to have some form of arthritis. That being said, it is most common among women over men and often appears in older age.

 star anise oil for the body

3Helps Protect Against Certain Infections

Infections can be a hard thing to deal with, and every step needs to be taken to make sure to avoid them as much as possible. Anise essential oil has been shown to have antiseptic properties, which help the wounds heal faster and minimize infection chances. Sepsis, in particular, is a serious, life-threatening complication you want to avoid at all costs.

Sepsis is a particularly feared infection that takes place when chemicals that are dumped into your bloodstream to fight an infection inadvertently cause a cascade of dangerous inflammation throughout the body. This domino effect can damage many different organs, even resulting in their failure. Sepsis leads to the condition known as septic shock, the blood pressure plummeting, or even death. This is a major risk for anyone who is fighting an infection and often even appears in sterile places, like hospitals, where these types of illnesses are commonly found in patients.

star anise oil uses

4Acts As A Decongestant

Sometimes, you just need to clear out congestion not only in the sinuses but also all the respiratory paths that lead to the lungs. Anise oil has helped clear airways that are inflamed because of a wide variety of different causes. While chronic conditions still need medical care, this oil can offer much-needed relief from symptoms that are common with bronchitis and other similar afflictions.

Bronchitis is a common lung inflammation issue. This can be in the large bronchi, small bronchi, or both, and many different factors can cause the reaction. This often means swollen mucous lining, and mucus gets coughed up sometimes. Anise oil can help reduce this problem.

 what is star anise oil used for

5Helps Eliminate Excess Gas

Excess gas is not a fun thing to suffer from. This isn't funny, like in the TV shows. In fact, it can be a very painful ailment, and those afflicted want relief as fast as reasonably possible.

Gas is often a precursor to issues like excessive flatulence, indigestion, stomachache, muscle cramp, and, in extreme cases, hypertension and chest pain. Anise essential oil helps promote the timely removal of gas. In many people, the oil also helps prevent the forming of too much gas and heads it off at the pass.

 benefits of star anise oil

6Aids In Digestion

Anise oil has long been used to promote digestion in many cultures. Even before the production of the oil, anise seeds were chewed, and desserts were served with anise - these are just some ways to get similar (albeit watered down) effects. If a feast or large, heavy meal is on the table, you could be sure that something with anise is included to ease the stomach's strain!

Taking care of all facets of your health is important. While diet may suffer, there are other options that can help. Increasing digestive health by using anise essential oil isn't a replacement for a good diet, but it is a great supplement or a solution to stop the gas.

 what is star anise oil used for

7Helps Eliminate Intestinal Worms

Anise oil has some insecticidal properties, and this is a huge one for those afflicted with intestinal worms. Some studies have shown that this can help kill the parasites in the intestines. Therefore, this can be an exceptionally healthy boost to children's systems.

There are many ways to become infected; however, the most common is through ingestion. This happens by eating food that is poorly preserved, undercooked, or both. Since these worms lay their eggs in meat, having any tainted meat or dish can really be playing with fire.

 how to use star anise oil

The Romans first introduced anise to Northern Europe. As history moved on, settlers from Europe took it to North America many centuries later. The Romans loved anise added to an after-meal baked cake that also contained other seeds known to aid digestion, such as fennel or even cumin.

Anise essential oil comes from the seeds of the fruit. The oil itself, as a result, has a unique smell that is sweet and can easily be mistaken for fennel at first sniff. Generally, ranging from colorless to the lightest yellow, they are still a widely-known seed. Anise is commonly used to flavor many favorite liquors and alcoholic drinks in many countries in the Mediterranean region.

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  •  benefits of star anise oil
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